Sunday, December 27, 2009

We'll take a cup o' kindness yet

in six months i will be completing my MA. 9 out of 10 semesters just flew past, the last one ain't gonna be any different. i know that. but today was a special day. a day i will remember forever. a day full of craziness, topsy turviness, a day imbued with the spirit of the bakhtinian carnivalesque. all rules were reversed and conventions were turned inside out. it was a mad mad day- even by judean standards. (which are very exacting as far as insanity is concerned.) . amlanda played pittu. swapanda was back. sukantoda almost winked at me. supriyadi demolished earthen pots. ex-students told dirty stories. all the seniors were back, with rum in jholas and packets of gold flake kingsize and weed. and i felt like i was in ug1 again. i smoked on the ledge. jude felt like home again. not the sanitized, antiseptic hell with obscene red no smoking signs, but the place that was once the sacrosanct altar of all our belellapona.
today was a day that made me realize all over again, that no matter what i do (or don't do) later on, no matter what i achieve or lose, these five years have been worth all and more. though my relations with the department have always been a tussle between love and hate, my memories both bitter and sweet, i knew today that whatever else i may regret in life, i will never regret being a part of JUDE.


Blogger March Hare said...

kon bidogdho senior rum er botol niye ghurchhilo sister?

also, truly we be bestest, toppest, craziest. and even if i leave in half a year there will always be a part of me forever bumming around the corridor. :)

11:36 AM  
Blogger Elendil said...

The play was awesome, no? Festive release spaces are seriously on the endangered list. I'm glad that when I joined, people could still smoke on the ledges, and that Worldview was a rum soaked place for many years for me. I suppose in another few years this place will become like any other sanitized college, and the local spirit of ease and lyadh will be dead.

12:53 PM  
Blogger KittyCat said...

Hyanh, we must do something about the bridge.

Did you see the elders (all those dirty joke cracking people) did not raise their hands when the skit on whether alcohol should be allowed was going on and Azeem was asking for votes? Hypocrites! I'm sure most of them would be pissed out of their minds immediately following the reunion!!

To quote Sukumar Ray "boro hole lokera hontka hoye jay", kajei ekkhuni amder (comparatively) chhotoder bridge niye ekta kichhu ghotiye phela uchit.

9:51 PM  
Blogger mojo said...

bridge ta shotyi khub rankle kore. i never saw the lobby so i dont care much about that. but oh the glorious bridge. what do you think we should do??

2:17 AM  
Blogger Elendil said...

Sigh. We never even sat on the bridge. But now even our happyzone outside the bookstore is endangered. What to do?

2:39 AM  

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