Friday, December 30, 2005

momentary lapse of reason

yesterday was an incredible experience,amazing but very very scary.after my exams got over we went to the lakeroad ccd,my college gang and my school gang.we were having the usual hookah after a lot of bawali(can you believe it?the losers asked for age proof!)i was shuttling between the two groups...then 2 more friends dropped in. we were just about to get moving when these two,actually 1,came up with this brilliant idea......"ai erase-x korbi?"..korbi mane? we learnt soon enough!ok,i'd better confess right here that i broke my resolution of abstaining till the new my defence i didnt know that erase-x could get me that high.oops ,did i just say high?i meant SPACED OUT!!i'd better begin at the beginning.we bought 4 bottles of erase-x,and then we took out the actual bottles of whitener,apparently the diluter was the real stuff.we went to a friend's place,that building is crawling with my professors and their (weird,cute,pinktailed!) progeny.we then proceeded to his flat .,,all the time he had been telling me how erase-x could make us hallucinate,i was very skeptical about the entire idea because i'd tried sniffing erase-x in baba's office..nothing happened.i didn't know that not only was i using the wrong technique but also the wrong bottle! the great guru however showed us how to DO it,you pour some of the stuff into a plastic bag and then shove your head into it and then start sniffing.we got the hang of it ..then he dimmed the lights and put on some fantastic music and finally we got started..i took my first sniff and i haven't a single clue what hit me.i took a secon d sniff and i spaced out then and there.i wasn't high,i wasn't stoned,i wasn't hit...i was simply spaced man.totally...then i dont know..isuppose i kept on taking sniffs..and kept getting more and more spaced,and there was some music in the background..floyd probably..but in that kind of a situation floyd would be playing in my head anyway...i was in the truest sense 'comfortably numb".(was that the song?)and i had a vague feeling of......grabbing one bottle after the other and the sense of tragic loss on finding them empty and then.... nothing!and then suddenly we woke up ,all of us,as if from a trance,a deep slumber is more like it.we just stared blankly at one another's faces and it was pretty much written there that neither of us had the foggiest notion what had happened in the intervening one hour(it was past seventhirty already)..i had a dim recollection of calling up suchismita and a chorus of indistinguishable voices said something utterly unintelligible,(i later learnt that shion and the rest were khistifying the shit out of whoever had induced me to take chemicals)you wont believe it but we snapped out of it in a matter of minutes,we were completely in control without even a trace of a amazing stroke of called seconds after i came to.i mumbled some excuse for being late.and we sat wondering what just happened trying our best to recollect something....anything ..but it was as if we were stricken with partial scared the living day lights out of me,i mean can you imagine?the memory of an entire hour wiped clean,deleted,ERASED by the erase-x.the stuff directly hits your brain,when i took the first sniff i could feel currents coursing down each separate vein of my bromhotalu..and i dont remember the rest. you know why it is scary?first of all its a chemical,second it gave me a kick the likes of which i'd never felt before,third on the surface it appears to be deceptively safe 'coz there is no unwanted hangover included in the package-deal,fourth,as soon as we hit reality the jonota started clamouring for more,fifth,though you recover in an absurdly short space of time,once you get hooked there is no escape,sixth,if i hadn't been in the right company i could have been screwed...literally!and i probably wouldn't have remembered that either!last but most importantly(for perpetually-broke people like us)it is cheap...for twenty two bucks you can have the trip of a lifetime..with hallucinations and everything. these are the reasons why YOU must stay away from it,and also the very reasons why i will not! HI HI HA HA HAHA!!! GOTCHA! ok if any one accidentally stumbles across my nondescript blog and actually has enough time and patience to read this nonsense,i would like to add on a more serious note....NEVER EVER TRY THIS unless you have amazing selfcontrol.