Sunday, March 23, 2008


i am bored outta my life is and endless repetition of cycles of boredom and exhaustion...once again i have three papers to submit and a battery of tests lined up, on top of it i have work...and i am very much screwed...

i want to do new things, i want a different life, i want a adventure...anything...i want to go away....

Monday, March 03, 2008

tagger strikes again....

life ten years ago: was disciplined, smooth but routine. went to school, came back home, studied everyday, read books till midnight, slept, woke up, went to school....during summer holidays i practised and perfected the art of stealing mangoes from my neighbour's tree with an aankshi , the 5 days of pujo were spent within the confines of deshopriyo park, in my spare time i wandered around the terrace talking aloud to plants and crows. my neighbours thought i was mad...i am still not sure they were mistaken. that was the year a precocious friend whispered the facts of life into my ear...took me another 2 yrs to come to terms with that momentous revelation.
life five years ago: was turbulent. too many things happened in 2003. life as i had known it changed completely. they cut down the mango tree to start with. the ghosts of my childhood became homeless, along with the crows. i sat for my first board exams, had my first cocktail, and my first overnight party. school was over, a way of life had come to an end.i encountered calculus for the first time, and on top of that i fell in love. everything went haywire. i started smoking regularly. byartho prem aar calculus khub deadly combo. it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.... :D
life tomorrow: will begin with a test, so you can imagine....
5 locations i would love to run away to: umm..lets see ....chaartolar chhad has been my official gnoshaa ghor for years...apart from that, i dunno, why run away? i love where i am, the way i am....touch wood.
5 bad habits i have:
3)in-your-face rudeness
5)losing my temper at innoportune moments.
5 things i will never wear:
1) nailpolish
2) stilettoes
3) leather skirts
4)costume jewellery
5) naakchhabi
5 biggest joys at the moment:
1) attending classes (who would have thought???)
2)drinking rum and partying every week.
4)reading (but thats always been there)
5)daily cha cigarette after college.
something to achieve by next year : a definite aim in life, an ambition, something to strive for.
something that impacted me last year: political events mostly.
what i will miss about 2007: friends who would be moving out of cal soon. and of course, home.
5 things i want to do before i die:
1) read a lot.
2)visit a few places. along with ma baba
.3)be able to take care of my parents. completely.
4)achieve nirvana.
5)and then go back to reading.
i tag yippeeehippie and tygger.