Sunday, August 31, 2008

make your own party!!

1) rum and coke (seasonal variation: vodka and limca) --- Rs. 75
add ons: chanachur(or prabhuji) and charminar filter.
2) rum and coke and momo and thukpa----- Rs. 90
Chhoto gold flake to go with...
3) rum and coke and asma beef chap-ruti---------Rs. 95
Needed: big casserole and volunteers to undertake the arduous journey.
4) rum and coke and pao chien pork--------Rs125
1) 7E --plastic glass, coffee odd steel er glass
2)9 MN---only plastic.
3) rinki's place deserves a mention surely.----(proper dining table and glass crockery!!)
4) shonai baari chhather ghor, nighttime parties....cutglass er glass...khilli na.
1) a bit of beatles
2) a bit of robi thakur
3) ektu khaani rdb
4) ektu keora hindi
after five pegs :
5)floyd of course
6) ektu ghazal
Aar assorted hindi-ingriji-bangla...
Saattola song : baanwra man. the rains for accompaniment.
No'nombor song : iris, come rain or shine....

any combination works.....satisfaction guaranteed!