Friday, March 24, 2006


being born and brought up in calcutta,and being an outdoor
person,and above all being a girl,i am pretty much used to
people passing comments at fact i have become so
accustomed to the fact that girls,generally are commented
at,that it scarcely bothers me anymore...

today however i came dangerously close to losing my hour ago i went out for a smoke with 3
friends(perhaps i should specify that all 3 were guys)...the
first fag of the day still gives me a pleasant dizzy
feeling,so me and a guy sat down on a "rock" and lighted
up...3 people(men) sitting on the adjoining "rock" turned
around and stared long and hard at me...and i bet they were
thinking the same thought:"kolijug!!"

if they had been content with just that look i wouldnt have
minded in the least...but then i guy says"meyechhele hoye
jonmalo keno?betachhele holei parto!"times like these indeed
make me wish that i had been a guy...i think its the epithet
"meyechhele" which got to me,i dont know why i find it
extremely friend got very pissed but i asked
him to ignore it,being a guy he was of course blissfully un
aware that this is something girls have to face
everyday,this and more,liked being groped in crowded
buses...i'll write another blog on that sometime ...getting
back to today's incident...then they went on to sing obscene
bhojpuri songs..and said stuff like"era sob injiri bola
mal,dekhle hobe khorcha achhe.."..i wanted to go and
khistify them to hell and i am confident that when it comes
to khistis i can give all of them run for their
money..bangla khistis at that,not"injiri"!!but they were 3
guys with me,i didnt want a public brawl...R(my friend) was
fuming,but i swallowed my anger and asked him to chill..he said"its so damn unfair,that i can get away with it 'coz i am a guy,and u have to face this just 'coz u r a girl?"..the sheer futility of that statement made me smile.."welcome to calcutta" i said!!
i am not trying to defend smoking here mind you...i do NOT think that girls who smoke are progressive or modern or whatever...smoking is not cool,it is unhealthy and harmful,and an extremely bad habit,but its equally bad for guys AND girls,what i'm trying to say here is that it doesn't make it worse just because i am a girl!!

since i joined ju,i have grown used to people not giving
girls who smoke a second look,but outside the safe haven of
my university and presi(which is where i mostly hang out)i
see the world hasn't changed a bit...disapproving looks i
can take,raised eyebrows mild comments i can take,but
sometimes people just cross the limits of decency...i always
hide my fag when i encounter elderly matrons on the
street...why hurt people's sensibilities deliberately?my
parents know that i smoke,so do the resr of my raboner
gushti,i told them myself,because i didnt want them to come
to know of it from gayepora relatives or neighbours...if
they dont have a problem with it(i mean they do,but not
because i am a girl!)what the fuck is the problem of these
whoa!!!that was one intense blog!!good thing i got it off my chest though....i should stop before i turn into a militant feminist!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


couple of friends have decided to join the blogging community....which by the way means that they have reached those dizzying heights of lack in life,from where the only escape route is through blogging,otherwise i've heard that people often die of absolute inertia!!so here's to the new bloggers on the block{drumrolls...........12gun salute.}

On a more serious note the lyad is getting worse everyday...the other day we decided not to meet(or call ) each other for 48 hrs,needless to say our love for each other got the better of this noble resolution...of course i blame it all on the baishnabghata-howrah minibus!(i'm sure yippee would concur)...suddenly yippee has maniacal (is there such a word?)gleam in her eyes...and before we knew it we were dragging off sen and ragz onto the next bus(bbd bag incidentally!)...then we called up all sorts of people and told them to come over to scoop,then we sang on the top of our voices( from light my fire to soundof music tracks to purano shei diner kotha...versatile kake bole?) the people on the bus later complimented us on it...i swear i'm not making this up!!

anyway we went to scoop,and from somewhere,i do not know where,swarms of people turned up,and from a quartet we became a group 15 people strong,singing lustily,swearing and cursing our way to glory!!ishita brought along some hot illustrious chhoku cousin rolled up his sleeves and got to work immediately...and we walked all the way to eden gardens,thence to maidan,while chatofying them shamelessly!!!then some more lyad consumption on the city greens...

finally we mustered enough energy to move our lazy bums off the grass and onto a metro...needless to say kukhyato metro pagli got into her and yippee got off at rabindra sadan,stalked a guy or two on our way to bcl,where we got books(an activity markedly out of sync with the other events of the day) and finally after a couple of fags we made our way back home...the tables were ironically turned against us and in one of the dark alley ways of our beloved city a lady scared the shit out of us simply by smiling at us without any apparent reason! we hailed a cab and ran for dear life...and when i got back home i heaved a sigh of relief and thought to myself"now THAT is a day well spent"!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

here (h)goes (h)to hangla hutom

8 qualities i would want my guy to possess:
A)has to be older than me and taller than me...fat guys stand NO chance!!!

B)has to have a proper name and surname,has to live in a proper locality(yeah baby!!i am a despicable snob as far as para is concerned!!)...i will have to post another blog(with yippee)in order to elucidate upon 'proper locality'!!1

C)has to be a bangali,not just in terms of parentage...actually make that a calcuttan...

D)HAS to be a guy,if you know what i mean...has to be in to sports and a lot of direct bawaali and bangla khistis and...has to be genuinely changra and bokhate,mane keoramota jate ontor theke ashe,not a wannabe keora,has to be seriously chhitial!!!......nahole kukhyato metro paglir sathe jombe ki kore...

E)parallelly,he has to be tolerably well read in both english AND bangla..(any other language is an added bonus,but these 2 are compulsory)...also into music(anything but heavy metal,kane jate kala na hoy!!)and movies...snobs and aantels needn't apply though,if he looks down on sholay or rahul dev burman he can go fuck himself!!!

F)has to be intelligent,not brilliant academically,but intelligent,sensible,PRACTICAL, pacino to hobena,but i have to be physically attracted to him,and he to has gotta be good just call it stuff..shall we?(hope i am good as well!!)previous experience will be appreciated,jouno rog will not!!

G)this one is really important....he MUST be able to hold a fantastic definitions of a fantastic conversation are somewhat unconventional,has to make me laugh till my sides ache...i must be able to talk to him,you know ,really talk,about anything,ships and shoes and sealing wax,cabbages and kings,........late into the night,not necessarilly everynight,but pretty often,often enough to make me stay in love with him..

H)which brings us to our last point..i must be in love with him...and even if he isnt IN love with me,he must love me at least(yes ,there is a subtle difference)as far as it is possible for him to love anybody,i refuse to play second fiddle to anyone ...has to trust me unquestioningly,unhesitatingly,(which will be reciprocated),has to give me my space,and kinda be aloof..i mean i HATE gayepora public...has to be my friend....possessive alpha males needn't apply,kono shala banchod amake terms dictate korte ashbena...i value my independance too much!

PS:neshakhorder bishesh patta dewa hoibe!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

heavy fuel

Last time I was sober, man I felt bad
Worst hangover that I ever had
It took six hamburgers and scotch all night
Nicotine for breakfast just to put me right
'cos if you wanna run cool
if you wanna run cool
If you wanna run cool,
you got to run
On heavy, heavy fuel

I don't care if my liver is hanging by a thread
Don't care if my doctor says I ought to be dead
When my ugly big car won't climb this hill
I'll write a suicide note on a hundred dollar bill
'cos if you wanna run cool
If you wanna run cool
Yes if you wanna run cool,
you got to run
On heavy, heavy fuel

heavy fuel by dire straits.....gotta thank ragz for introducing me to MY ANTHEM,i ommitted 2 stanzas in the middle on purpose,didn't have any relevance for me...