Friday, April 28, 2006

growin' up and likin' it for the first time

me voted, me exercised me democratic rights, me fulfilled me democratic duties, me went to the polling centre with me voter's id with me parents and uncles and the rest,me waited breathlessly while they looked for me name on the list, me danced an impromptu jig when they found it, me strutted selfconsciousy upto the machine and me cast me vote, me came home delirious with joy and self importance, me called up d and talked nonstop nonsense,me is still ecstatic, me can't stop staring at the blue ink mark on me index finger,me participated in the politics of me nation for the first time,............
.......and anybody who says me vote is trivial in the larger scheme of things or that voting is a meaningless activity, me would request that cynical bastard to go screw himself/herself....'coz i don't give a fuck what people knows me vote counts...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

wonder whats wrong with me???

1)its april and already the heat is unbearable!

2)end sems are practically round the corner and i am still unable to move my lazy bum and get down to some serious studying!

3)i am sick,literally,physically is sitting me down to lunch everyday with a wooden ruler in her hand and a look on her face that says she wont hesitate to use it if i throw any more tantrums!

4)i think most people around me are pretentious lying bastards or retards...has to be either one!

5)the constant terrifying anticipation of this month's phone bill is scaring the living daylights out of me!

....................and yet i can't stop smiling to myself!!!