Saturday, May 05, 2007

fuck all that!!!

i think sometimes we tend to ruin the pleasure of reading with too much criticism. thats the only thing i regret about studying literature. nowadays i cant seem to be able to read a novel and just immerse myself into the world it depicts. no... coz i am too busy dissecting it ,style,content,narratorial perspectives and god knows what else. critics who dont have it in them to churn out a single convincing work of fiction spend their lives in analysing (read:finding faults) in works of literature which however juvenile technically,still make me cry. reading catcher in the rye gave me a trip,i was hallucinating for weeks if i had sat down to analyse holden's existential angst then ...i dont know...the trip wold have been ruined,my reading experience would have been can propound high faluting theories,but literature is not meant to conform to theories,is it?can literary theory ever be precisely applicable?it isnt like physics or some thing for god's sake.when i finish reading a book or a poem i like wallowing in it,enjoying the lingering aftertaste,finding arbitrary connections with other completely random books i have read before.trying to formulate a coherent chain of thought but really enjoying the disoriented feeling of being stranded between reality and fiction,chasing ideas which are appealing because they are elusive...coz i have tried pinning them down..and then they only make me feel stupid.walking down the street and then suddenly 2 kids on motilal nehru road remind me of scout and jem...that is why i am addicted to books,and have been so ever since i could read....and since i dont wanna lose that,well there's just one option....i simply have to stop studying!(at least for today......seriously man...i cant take this chaat anymore....)